From Grief to Inspiration: 

Exploring the Metal Element 

with Trish Twiford Perfetto, Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Wellness Coach

in Partnership with How You Heal

Join us for our next phase in the 5 Element workshops with the Metal Element. 

The metal element corresponds to the season of the Fall.  In the Fall we see the leaves die and fall from the trees, as nature begins its retreat inwards to prepare for Winter. 

The trees cannot sustain their leaves during the winter months, so they must let them go in order for the tree to survive. 

It is the same for us. 

This time of year and the Metal element reminds us to take stock of what we have, and let go of what no longer serves us, so that we may create space for our journey inwards during the colder months.

And in this death, is one of nature’s most beautiful sights, are the colors of the leaves as they die. The fall teaches us that there is beauty in endings & letting go. How can we let go & grieve what we have lost, not from fear, but from reverence and inspiration?

These are the lessons (and many more) of the metal element. 

We hope you will join us in discovering more about the metal element inside of you, and how to best support it physically, emotionally & spiritually. 

In this workshop we will: 

  • Learn about the physical, emotional aspects of the Metal Element. 

  • Learn about the Lung and Large Intestine from a Chinese medicine point of view and how to best support them during the Fall. 

  • Learn foods, herbs & breathing techniques to strengthen our metal element 

  • Experience a guided meditation to strengthen and connect with the Metal element inside you. 

When: October 6th, at 6p on Zoom (a recording will be sent to all those not able to attend)

Cost: $47 or pay your own price (minimum of $20)