Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does acupuncture, herbal medicine or medical qigong help with? 

A: Click here for what conditions we treat and how we can help.

Q: Does acupuncture hurt?

A: Sensations most patients report is no sensation at all, a brief ache or heaviness upon insertion.  Some points are more sensitive than others, and by and large, people report the sensation as fleeting and deeply relaxing. We are very accustomed to needle-phobic patients, so bring on all your fears. We will start slow and easy, or with no needles at all. We adjust to your comfort level. 

Q: What does treatment entail?

A: Your first meeting with Trish or Michael will consist of a discussion of your goals for treatment, a thorough medical history, and short physical exam.  This will be followed by the 1st treatment tailored to your needs.  This will take about 60 to 90 minutes. Subsequent treatments last from 45 minutes to an 1hr.

Q: How often should I expect to come?

A: To get the most benefit from treatment, patients are asked to commit to coming at least 1 to 2x a week for about 8-10 treatments. This is because acupuncture treatment is a process as each treatment builds on the previous one.  Then, as patients experience improvement in their condition and a state of well-being is maintained, treatments can be spaced out to every 2 weeks, monthly, or seasonally.  Everyone is different, so its best to discuss the timeline with Trish or Michael.

Q: What can I do to make treatment more effective?

A: For each visit it is best that you:

  • Avoid coffee and alcohol within 24 hours, before and after.
  • Avoid drugs except those prescribed by your physician.
  • Set aside time to arrive and leave relaxed.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise directly before or after, if it is not your routine.
  • Avoid eating heavily just before or after. A small snack is fine.
  • Avoid smoking 3 to 4 hours before and after treatment.

Q: Do you have to be “sick”  or in pain to get acupuncture?

A: Absolutely not! If you think you are pretty healthy, acupuncture can take you to new levels of awareness and help you take the next step in any area of your life. It is also a great form of preventative medicine.  People who come in curious often leave with a greater sense of purpose in life, are more joyful, feel better, and have more connected relationships with the ones they love.

Q: Are the needles safe?

A: Yes. Only sterile, disposable, one-time use needles are used.

Q: Is acupuncture covered by insurance?

A: Yes, it might be! It will depend on your specific plan. Michael Perfetto is an in network provider with Blue Cross and Aetna. Trish Twiford Perfetto is currently out of network, but can give you all proper receipts to be reimbursed if your plan has out of network benefits. We are happy to check your benefits and see what you are covered for. Feel free to reach out.

Q: Can I use my HSA (health savings account) for acupuncture/herbal treatment? 

A: Yes! And we can give you all receipts necessary to provide to your employer upon request. 

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