Nurturing Vitality: 6 Week Qigong Series

Qigong for Health & Great Self Awareness 

with Michael Perfetto, MSOM, MQPLAc

Join us for a journey into the practice of qigong and meditation.

Over the course of six weeks, this series will integrate dynamic qigong exercises, mindful breathing techniques, and grounding meditation practices.

Learning the fundamentals of qigong you will cleanse, strengthen, and balance your energetic system, promoting optimal energy and blood circulation. By stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms, you may find relief from chronic issues and pain, fostering a renewed sense of vitality. Also, we will explore quieting the mind and practicing presence through the qigong postures

What is Qigong? 

Qigong is an ancient Chinese/Toaist practice that includes gentle movements and postures, breath work and meditation. There are many forms of qigong and each qigong form has different benefits for your body and mind.

The set we will learn and practice in this series is meant to cleanse, strengthen and balance the energy of your body and mind.  You will be able to carry the fundamentals of qigong into many aspects of your life beyond your time in this class. My hope is to give you the embodied experience of this powerful ancient practice.


In this workshop we will: 

  • Learn about the basic theory of Qigong practice. 

  • Learn about the fundamentals of qigong practice: posture, breath and mental awareness.

  • Learn exercises to cleanse, strengthen, and balance your qi (energy life force).

  • Experience qigong meditations for greater self awareness and presence of mind.

  • Have access to 6 months access to an online portal with videos of qigong movements and meditations

When: Tuesday’s 5:30p-7pm from May 28th-June 25th

Where: Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, MD 

 Cost: $297 or 2 payments of $150